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If you are interested in one of the premades, please use the form below and you will receive an offer from me as soon as possible.

Which changes are included?

+ author name

+ title

+ subtitles/series title/genre

+ additional text can be added as long as it only requires minor changes to the cover

+ easy color adjustment (the basic color of the cover, e.g. from blue to red)

Which changes are not included?

+ complex color adjustment (e.g. in details, gradient, etc.)

+ font change

+ replacement of one or more objects on the cover

+ any additions that require adjustment of the cover

FYI: I will of course try to change the cover at your convenience - but not everything can always be changed, e.g. due to the technical structure of the cover. That's why I reserve the right to decide on a case-by-case basis whether I can implement a change request.

Do you need more than the premade cover?

Thank you very much!


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