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frequently asked questions

How much does a cover of yours cost? 

This depends entirely on your project and the effort involved, which is why I don't offer flat-rate prices. If you are interested in working with me, please fill out the inquiry form (here) or contact me via email: viviencoverdesign[at]

The more I know about your project, the better. 

I will send you my general price list and/or an individual offer (In EUR) as soon as possible. 

And how much do covers in a series cost?

This also depends on the individual concept, but I can usually offer you a cheaper price. 

What kind of graphic services do you offer? 

Basically everything you need for your book project: basic cover, dust jackets, sprayed edged, and more. I also do layout design (e.g. chapter pages) and marketing materials (e.g. bookmarks, graphics for social media, etc.).

How does the design process work for you?

Before I start designing, I need a briefing from you that is as precise as possible. Anything you can send me about your project will help me, including inspiration from Pinterest or book covers that you like and give me some general direction. (FYI: Comparable book covers are only intended to show me what you like, which type of readers you appeal to and what mood you want to portray. I don't copy things.)

Once all the details are discussed and clear, I start working on a first draft. Depending on whether you like it or not, we can continue working on it according to your corrections or, of course, start over again. The price includes a total of four rounds of changes.

To create the files, especially for print and marketing materials, I need the final printing requirements from you. If you don't have the print data from the start, that's not a problem. I can get everything for printing ready as soon as you can send me the data. 

Which programs do you use? Where do you get your images from?

I work with Adobe programs such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign & co, and use the stock photo provider Shutterstock for my images. It's important to note that I only purchase images using the Shutterstock standard license. This means that if you commission a cover from me, the terms of the standard license apply and you are responsible for compliance. The license covers up to 500,000 copies and unlimited ebooks (as of 11/2023). If you need an extended license for more copies, this is your responsibility. 

If necessary, please use the following link to find out which license is right for you: License comparison | Shutterstock.

I don't work with artificial intelligence (e.g. Midjourney) and also try to avoid images that are created with it. Considering the current development situation of AI, I can only do this with the best of my conscience.

What is the difference between copyright and right of use in relation to the cover? 

By paying the invoice, I simply transfer the right of use to you. Unless otherwise discussed or due to obstacles on my part, this means that you are not allowed to modify the files I send you, either by yourself or through third parties. 

The only files that you can change are the graphics intended for this purpose, such as backgrounds for Instagram stories or posts. 

The copyright is mine. That means you have to give credit to me as the cover designer © Vivien Summer. If you would like to credit the copyrights of the images I used, please let me know and I'll send you a list of them. 

What are your payment conditions?

As soon as the cover is completed and all files have been submitted, I will send you an invoice by email. The invoice amount (in EUR) must be paid within 14 days, either by bank transfer or PayPal. 

When can I expect my cover to be delivered/How long does it take you to make a cover?

That always depends on the order situation and the deadlines discussed. Please let me know as soon as possible when you need your cover(s). To start with, a rough period of time is fine for me. 

However, there should be at least a lead time of 4 weeks, starting with the commissioning confirmation, until I send you a first draft. If it is more urgent (less than 14 days for the first draft), an additional charge will apply. 

After I send you the first draft, experience shows that it takes me around 1-2 weeks until we are finished with the basic cover. I can usually deliver everything else within a few days.  


Are you planning on premade covers?

Yes. In the future I would also like to offer pre-made covers. But I can't say exactly when yet. More information will follow. 


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